The next generation platform for micro jobs based on blockchain

We help people to find micro jobs and projects that are near their location but also all over the world.

Our Features

Work from anywhere „online“

Find a job or project from anywhere on the world and for example help translate text in your native language to someone on the other side of the globe.

Or also „offline“ at your current location

Using GPS Localization, you can look for work at your current location or offer micro jobs by yourself.

How does it work?


Just look who needs help with what you know.

Confirmation of the price

Confirm the amount you are working on.

Get the assignment

Do the job according to the assignment sent to you by the user.

Do your job

You can do the job anywhere you want, just by the sea on the beach, just have the internet.


After submitting the completed digital work or manual work done, the contracting authority agrees that the work has been completed.


Then you will only be able to get Joboss coins that you can immediately change to any currency.

Our Team

Filip Budník


Aleš Bodnár


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